New Furniture

At Heavily Discounted Prices

UK Furniture Home Store is based in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire and sells new furniture at heavily discounted prices.

The furniture consists of end of line stock, as well as some returns or failed deliveries. We also recycle some furniture when we can to help reduce our carbon footprint.


All the proceeds from the furniture and household items which we sell, go to help run our furniture bank which we set up in Huddersfield in 2019.

Our Furniture Bank was initially set up to help disadvantaged people living in Kirklees, to help them have essential items of furniture, which they normally would not be able to afford, such as beds, sofas or chairs to sit on and even white goods, such as washing machines and fridges.

To ensure that the items we provide get to those people most in need, we work with a number of local charities and charitable organisations.

However due to the current economic crisis effecting more and more people, we took the decision in 2022, to open up the furniture bank to anyone who is on a low income and in need, so they no longer have to be referred to us, the items of furniture are not free, but they are realistically priced. Knowing how much people are struggling with everyday costs, we also offer an interest free option, where people can pay over a number of weeks, but have the essential items they need straight away.

If you are looking for new furniture, please consider taking a look at our new furniture. Remember if you buy from us, we maybe able to take your old furniture away for it to go into the Furniture Bank, to help those in need, or we may even be able to recycle your old sofa to prevent it going to landfill, which helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2021, we saved 28,000 cubic tonnes of waste from going into landfill, our aim is to increase this saving year on year.

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