Furniture request form


​There are some costs involved, although these are kept to a minimum, and are there to help our program with the costs.

Please note we can only accept requests direct from your Support Worker, Housing Officer, Welfare Worker, or local Faith Organisation, who must apply on your behalf.
This is due to the high volume of daily applications; UK Furniture Bank now only serves referred clients from recognized support workers and charitable organisations within the areas of our local branches.

Due to insurance and safety regulations, we can NOT allow clients to visit our facilities or arrange for their own pick-up or delivery of the items.

We ask our participating families and individuals to ensure access to their property is free from hazards and obstructions for delivery of their items, we would also like to mention that our delivery teams are currently only allowed to deliver items to the door of the property on the request form and they do not install or assemble any items, they also do not remove any old items.


Items include…


White goods



Please tell us about your client and their family and how we could help furnish their home. We also need to know if funds are readily available to pay for the items required or if a grant will be required to cover the costs.

Once the furniture request has been approved, we will notify you of the proposed delivery day / time, it is then your responsibility to let us know if your client is not going to be in, because any re-deliveries will need to be charged for.

​The more details you can provide about the delivery address, the more we can insure we are able to complete the delivery of the items requested, so we need to know if there are any restrictions or obstacles in the way, such as steps or stairs, narrow doorways etc
​If this form is not completed in its entirety, it will be deleted.

​​All items and delivery costs must be covered through the referring Organisation by their own funds or through a grant application.